Wilderness Wellness

Produced by Bright Souls – our new wellness division, who curated this beautiful event: An escape away, focusing on group growth – through connection to nature, movement, facing fears, along with a guided relaxation session to live cello music.

A carefully curated, invigorating and enlightening day featuring:

Wild swimming – Step into the exhilarating natural lake, release your inhibitions. You can do anything you put your mind to (with the supporting breath-work!). Warm up and dry off next to the cozy fire, warming drinks and hearty bites afterwards soothe the soul. Stop, feel your achievement, take in the fresh air and beautiful greenery.

A calming hot drink after a morning of revitalising plunges… Well deserved.

Now, let’s head back to the house through the greenery and sheep! Next – Pranayama & restorative (low intensity) yoga.

Pranayama yoga: the practice of controlling ones breath to bring peace and align chakras.

Hosted inside the beautiful rooms of the Farm House, accompanied by a live cellist, with Trip CBD drinks on offer. A huge thank you to the fantastic Amy Miller for leading this special moment.

(Don’t miss the gorgeous flowers, designed and installed by Figa & Co)